About Us

Outline India is a research and development consultancy firm providing strategic advisory services and policy support to international aid and donor bodies, NGOs and national and state governments.

We are committed to strengthening the design of programs and interventions by conducting needs assessments, formative research, monitoring and evaluation studies.


Our Vision

The development sector is oriented towards analysis and research. But we believe this is flawed, because if your data isn’t representative, reliable, or covers the right stakeholders then nor are your conclusions

Outline India jumps in right from day 0, bringing robust data from the ground, analyzing it with field insights and enabling you to make impact. Data is not just about numbers. It needs conversations. We bring both.


Sayak Khatua

Senior Research Associate
Sayak is responsible for proposal writing, secondary research, designing studies, developing the research methodology, conducting the quantitative and qualitative analysis. Further, he also assists in executing, managing and planning fieldwork. He has previously worked as a research and teaching assistant at Portland State University and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Sayak has also worked as a research assistant conducting fieldwork in West Bengal for 3 months for a project to assess the long-term impacts of development-induced displacement. He is highly proficient in statistical software such as  STATA, R, ArcGIS.

Sayak has two Master's Degrees in Economics from University of Calcutta and Portland State University. 


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Abhirupa Das

Research Analyst

Abhirupa works closely with the research team to formulate sampling strategies, methodologies, undertakes coding research tools on data collection platforms, data cleaning, and analysis. Furthermore, she performs communication for market scoping exercises. Previously, she worked as a Research Assistant to Prof Farzana Afridi, Indian Statistical Institute (Delhi Centre) where she assisted with field work conducting RCTs. She also worked as a Research Assistant to Prof. Pami Dua, Director, Delhi School of Economics.

Abhirupa has a Master degree in Economics from Delhi School of Economics.



Researching on conspiracy theories


Conversations before Breakfast.

Arunima Ghosal

Senior Qualitative Research Associate

Arunima Ghoshal is an experienced qualitative researcher. She is currently involved in writing proposals, and working on various research projects. She has conducted qualitative fieldwork
in Madhya Pradesh.

Arunima has an M.Phil degree In Geography from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, New Delhi. Her expertise lies in sectors of social and cultural geographies. She has undertaken extensive ethnographic field studies in rural
and urban Bengal. Her research work has explored aspects of urban/rural divide, public spaces, gender studies, and urban planning.


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Prerna Mukharya


Prerna does a little bit of everything. She likes data, research, and believes fieldwork builds character. She believes in the idea of independent, non-partisan research and hence our for-profit business model. 

She has worked on over 55 evaluations spanning different sectors and has led Outline in its quest to 23 states, over 3500 villages in a span of 5 years. She is currently focusing on developing TYM - the 'Track your metrics' platform – a concurrent assessment tool for gathering datasets, targeted towards tracking impact for very small NGOs and funders.

She is a 2018 Chevening fellow at Oxford University, a 2017 Raisina Fellow (awarded by the Ministry of External Affairs and ORF) and a 2016 Australia India Youth Dialogue Fellow. She was recently included in the prestigious 40 under 40 list released by Fortune magazine in 2017 for Outline India’s disruptive work with data. 

She holds a Masters degree in Economics from Boston University.


Rajma Chawal

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Apoorva Bhatnagar

Senior Project Associate

As the Project Associate, Apoorva is responsible for the implementation, management and coordination of projects. She also assists the business development team with outreach, communications and meeting clients. Her work involves getting proposals in order, putting the field plan in action, and following up with clients, field workers, and suppliers. Previously, Apoorva was employed with a leading non-profit organization Make a Difference (MAD), which works for the holistic development of children living in Shelter homes.


Apoorva has a Master’s degree in commerce from the University of Delhi and is a qualified CS professional.


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Pratyush Dwivedi

Research Trainee

Pratyush is involved in field management, designing field training material and executing field training exercises and workshops. Often on the field, he captures content on the ground including blogs, content from field staff operations.He also executes and conducts research/analysis and/or provides research assistance and works on developing partnerships, working on grants and challenges and represents the company in conferences and talks to learn and improvise on current methods.

Previously during his internship, he worked on a project on migration, that was jointly run by Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai and Ambedkar University Delhi.


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Nayantara Nanda

Research Associate & Product Lead,Track Your Metrics

Nayantara develops research proposals, prepares questionnaires, executes and conducts qualitative research, manages, plans and conducts fieldwork and applies for grants and challenges. She also works on developing new research ideas and undertakes communication for market scoping exercises.

Previously she interned at Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation, Uttarakhand and conducted research on whether agri-horticultural practices are a step towards crop diversification and livelihood diversification. She has also conducted research in Madhya Pradesh exploring the changes in livelihood practices as a result of conservation-induced displacement.

Nayantara has a Masters’ degree in Development Studies from Ambedkar University, Delhi.


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Rahul Kumar Rai

Administrative Officer

Rahul is responsible for managing the administrative and operational work at Outline India. He supports the research and business development team. 

Rahul is pursuing his studies from IGNOU. 





Aditi Das

Lead Researcher TYM

Aditi works on Outline India’s technical product ‘Track Your Metrics’. She is responsible for writing proposals and grants, developing content and strategy for product outreach, carrying out market scoping exercises, conducting relevant case studies with NGOs. She also undertakes marketing for the platform and application.

Previously she has worked at the Institute of Social Studies where she was responsible for organizing policy forums on topical issues from a gender and economic lens. She conducted desk based research on the topics and prepared policy briefs post the discussion forums.

Aditi has a Master in Philosophy (M. Phil) degree in Geography from University of Delhi.


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Sruti Mohanty

Senior Research & Business Associate

As a Senior Research & Business Associate, Sruti works with both the Business Development and Research teams at Outline India. She currently manages the bid writing process, develops content and strategy for business expansion, in addition to supporting the research team for selected projects.

Sruti has extensive experience in the international development sector, having previously worked in the Middle East as a development consultant. She has also undertaken several projects in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa on themes of Education, Child Rights, and Gender, for research, M&E and capacity building assignments.

Her education background is varied, having studied for a Master of Science in Education from the University of Oxford, in addition to a Master of Arts in Sociology from the University of Delhi.


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Paramjeet Chawla


Paramjeet is a consultant, actively working on the Evaluation Platform and Application, responsible for writing proposals/ filling forms for Grants, Competition and Conferences/Summits;  designs and conducts surveys, visits NGOs meetings for market-scoping/feedback/marketing for the platform; and does outreach for possible collaborations.

She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Development Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She recently completed her M.Phil  in Development Studies, where her thesis focused on Social Exclusion and Human Development. She has completed her Masters in Development Economics from South Asian University, where her thesis focused on Educational Inequality in India. She has previously interned with Centre for Civil Society (CCS) and Indian Institute for International Economic Relations (ICRIER).


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Sukanya Dutta

Senior Project Associate

Sukanya works closely with the founder on communication and coordination. She helps in project management and coordination with field staff and research team. She also works on translations, coordinates with vendors, drafts invoices and handles finances, HR account.

Sukanya has previously worked as a History Teacher in Jorhat.

Sukanya has a Masters Degree in History from the University of Delhi.


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Mahima Taneja

Lead Qualitative Researcher

Mahima Taneja is an experienced researcher with over 3 years of experience in mixed-method research design and evaluation projects. Mahima has worked in the capacity of the key researcher and project lead for multiple projects and evaluation studies at Outline India in sectors including gender, WASH, Adolescent SRH, education, infrastructure mapping and urban planning. She has undertaken and managed extensive fieldwork for projects based out of Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Bihar, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Delhi.

At Outline India, she is responsible for writing proposals, managing projects, conducting trainings and qualitative field work, writing reports and articles and guiding junior researchers.

She has an M.Phil from Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.Her academic research critically explores the politics of gender, sexuality and safety discourse in urban spaces and policy debates through ethnographic field work.


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Aditya Gupta

Legal Counsel

Aditya is the legal counsel at Outline India. He is a litigator practicing before various Courts and tribunals in India on commercial and personal law issues. Aditya also advises start-ups and early stage ventures and providing contractual, regulatory and IP solutions. He has worked extensively with companies in varied sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, data collection and analysis, logistics, event management, e-commerce and the media industry.

He has a Masters degree in Law from Harvard University.




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Tarun Varma

Tarun is the Director of Education Futures, UK, where he provides consultancy support for foundations and start-ups working in Early Childhood Education. He co-founded Social Solar, an off-grid solar power for rural schools & communities in India. Tarun graduated with an MSc in Child Development and Education and MBA from the University of Oxford, where he was a Pershing Square Scholar. During his Masters, he helped scale up a chain of Montessori pre-schools in South Africa. He interned at Primo Toys, an award-winning early coding startup where he wrote their education strategy. Tarun is a former Teach for India fellow where he taught at a primary school in New Delhi. He is extremely interested in education, learning and its impact on people and has extensive research experience in development sector. In 2014 he conducted a longitudinal study for an alternative school in New Delhi, examining the influence of alternative education on students and their eventual career trajectories. He has also undertaken primary research in Odisha to analyze bottlenecks in creating livelihood opportunities. Tarun holds a B.A (Honors) in Economics from Delhi University, where he scored the highest grade for his senior year thesis on Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation.

Anuragini Nagar

Anuragini Nagar comes with over 18 years of experience in corporate as well as development sector. She has in program designing & strategy,  an ability to work with multiple stakeholders, partners & donor agencies to deliver high quality projects at scale. In the past few years, she has lead projects, which specifically focused on understanding the impact of community lead behaviour change, around sanitation & health issues. She has worked closely with content, design and research agencies, to design & deliver behaviour change models in several parts of the country.    Anuragini holds a degree in History, diploma in Journalism and in 2012, she attended the Integrated Marketing Communication for Behavioural Impact in Health & Social Health (IMC/COMBI), conducted by  Steinhardt College, (NYU) & World Health Organization.  

Nitya Jacob

Nitya has 28 years of experience in policy analysis, advocacy, strategic planning, knowledge management, project planning in the development sector. He has served as the National Policy Head in Water Aid India, where he was involved in developing the communications and branding strategy, research and writing on water, sanitation and hygiene, analysis of Central and state policies and writing policy papers on safe sanitation, open defecation, hygiene, safe drinking water and district-wide approach to sanitation. Prior to working with Water Aid India he has worked with organisations like Centre for Science and Environment, Water Community, Solutions Exchange, Write Shop Infotech Private Limited and One World South Asia. Nitya also has over 10 years of experience in the media sector where he worked in various capacities ranging from Reporter to Producer to a Special Correspondent in big media houses like United Television, Business India Television, The Pioneer Newspaper, Down to Earth (a prestigious academic journal), Business Standard and Financial Express.

Mousumi Sarkar

Mousumi comes on-board with more than 20 years experience in designing methodologies and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data to address complex issues, ranging from economic to social and political. She has worked with associations, lobbyists, political campaigns, community groups and government agencies at the local, state, national and international levels to help them further their missions and reach their goals. She currently serves as an Expert for Outline India, advising on methodological questions and issues. She also leads the Research and Innovation team at the Council for Professional Recognition, a U.S. based organization that credentials the early childhood education workforce. Ms. Sarkar served as Assistant Survey Director for Housing Surveys at the U.S. Census Bureau and lead a variety of short- and long-term research and evaluation efforts for a variety of issue-based and government organizations.


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