The 'invisible thought' partner for a Swachh Bhara...

02, Oct 2018  |    DNA

The sanitation campaign in India has picked up pace and popularity in the recent past, though its ea...   Read More

AADHAR: It is not black and white

15, Aug 2018  |    Ideas for India

Outline India's Internal research paper gets published in Ideas for India!    Read More

Data Mind

09, Jun 2018  |    The Times of India

The editor asked me, "Do you think you can change the world?" "Yes, I think I can," I said with a wi...   Read More

Meet These 11 People Who Quit Their Jobs To Follow...

06, Apr 2018  |    Office Chai

As a part of the “People Who Quit Their Jobs To Do Something Amazing” series, we bring you another 1...   Read More

Using Data Analytics And Technology To Solve Socia...

06, Apr 2018  |    Forbes

Data is an asset. The impact of data abundance extends well beyond business, it improves the quality...   Read More

On the field or off it, Prerna Mukharya carves an...

05, Apr 2018  |    YourStory

Founder of Outline India, a group which conducts high-quality, authentic field surveys, Prerna Mukha...   Read More

Fortune 40 Under 40

15, Feb 2018  |    Fortune India

Our Founder Ms. Prerna Mukharya has been featured on Fortune India's 40 Under 40 list, 2017 !   Read More

9 startups to watch in India

05, Feb 2018  |    Gulf News

Outline India hopes to solve the "first mile problem" in the development sector by collecting authen...   Read More

Healthcare – make it smart and cheap

02, Feb 2018  |    Hindu Business Line

The Healthcare Dialogue between both countries would enable India to make that great leap forward to...   Read More

Setting up Outline India

22, Jan 2018  |    YourStory

It wasn’t long ago when Prerna Mukharya was amongst the many that used to crib about the lack of aut...   Read More

Cover Story

06, Jan 2018  |    India Today

"To design effective social schemes, you need good quality data. Research cannot always be numbers....   Read More

Inspirational Women: Ms Prerna Mukharya

15, Aug 2017  |    We are The City

As the Founder and CEO, Prerna envisions catering to India’s ‘development data’ needs to catalyse th...   Read More

Drones for Mapping Rural Areas

28, Jun 2017  |    CSR Journal

India is gravitating towards an urge to track growth and evaluate impact across urban and rural area...   Read More

Using drones for social sector research

19, Jun 2017  |    Ideas for India

While drones have historically been used in military operations, their application for peaceful purp...   Read More

WOMEN LEADERS: Prerna Mukharya

03, Mar 2017  |    Boston University

Our work is at the confluence of human capital and technology. We are here to capture the stories of...   Read More

Reaching the last mile in India for data collectio...

18, Dec 2016  |    Analytics India

In a population of about 1.25 billion people in India, only 18% people have access to the Internet....   Read More

Outline India using Survey CTO

09, Dec 2016  |    Survey CTO

The BMG program evaluation was a baseline data collection exercise conducted by us in collaboration...   Read More

Before Cheering Demonetisation, Let’s Remember the...

11, Nov 2016  |    The Quint

India is a land of the many but also of the divided. If you are reading this, you are probably not r...   Read More

India needs to accelerate role of Big Data in soci...

14, Oct 2016  |    The Economic Times

In India, organisations like Outline India are driving social impact through data study and analysis...   Read More

How social enterprises can do more with less using...

03, Oct 2016  |    Your Story

On the second day of YourStory TechSparks 2016, the panel discussion on “The resurgence of the socia...   Read More

Data openness and the Geospatial Information Regul...

05, Sep 2016  |    Ideas for India

At Outline India (OI), which does the bulk of its work in rural India, we depend on geospa...   Read More

A Quick Primer On How Brexit Will Impact India And...

28, Jun 2016  |    Huffpost

The British have shocked the financial, political and business establishments of the world by voting...   Read More

The numbers game

26, Jun 2016  |    Live Mint

The quality of data in the development sector can be really bad. There are no research agencies that...   Read More

Meet the SHEROES - Prerna Mukharya Of Outline Indi...

18, Apr 2016  |    SHEROES

“We have technology, internet and numerous tech startups but what India needs, is a discussion of th...   Read More

Data Is The Next Best Thing To God?

16, Jan 2016  |    BW Business World

People in the villages are accepting of who you are, they will welcome you inside their houses, no q...   Read More

Politics Of Policy | For Passion, Not Profit

31, Dec 2015  |    BW Business World

Outline India, a start-up that focuses on impact evaluation of social projects. I have worked with O...   Read More

How can India stem the flow of illicit funds?

06, May 2015  |    World Economic Forum

Indians are becoming wealthier. Some much faster than others. The Hurun Global Rich List of 2015 say...   Read More

She quit a Think tank to start a firm in rural Ind...

15, Apr 2015  |    Office Chai

"It was here that I learnt a lot and apart from the geeky work that most researchers do, I got a cha...   Read More

Consumption And Lifestyle Choices Of A Young India

05, Apr 2015  |    Live Mint

Prerna of Outline India tells me that money wasn’t on her mind when she quit her well-paying job to...   Read More

How to give life after death

06, May 2014  |    The Hindu- Business Line

In the case of India, because of sheer numbers, this figure is multiplied many times and there is a...   Read More



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