IMPAQ International
08 Nov, 2017

Children In Forced Labor

Outline India was the India partner of an international study across Malawi, Ecuador, Panama and Rwanda and India to evaluate the effects of interventions aimed at combating child labor through a randomized control trial.

Adopting a mixed-methodology approach including focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, and surveys, we explored innovative ways of generating opportunities for vulnerable children and adults. Specifically, the analys...

Mathematica Policy Research
08 Nov, 2017

Evaluation adolescent sexual and reproductive health program in Bihar

Outline India worked with Mathematica Policy Research, which is the MEL partner for Packard Foundation’s and Pathfinder International’s Population and Reproductive Health (PRH) program based in Bihar.

Our impact evaluation sought to gauge the knowledge, attitudes, and practices toward healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy, demand for and uptake of contraceptive services and family planning, access to contraceptive and maternal health services, and sexual health and counseling services provided for both married and unmarried adolescents in Mahadalit communitie...

WaterAid, India
27 Nov, 2017

Understanding Hand Hygiene Behaviour in Four Indian States

Outline India undertook a formative evaluation with WaterAid India to gauge the awareness and practices of hand hygiene and its importance across 64 villages.

The study, based in Rajasthan, Bihar, Odisha and Chattisgarh, explored the presently existing hand hygiene practices at the individual and household level in rural communities. It sought to ascertain access to hand hygiene facilities at the household level and to identify the facilitators and barriers to hand hygiene practices. After extensive pre-testing and tool review, spot observations and in-depth...


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