Endline Evaluation for Water Aid’s program with H&M Conscious Foundation

WaterAid (India)


Jharkhand, Odisa, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka


Water, Sanitation, Governance

At the close of Water Aid’s three-year project to improve water and sanitation infrastructure in schools, Outline India conducted an endline study to understand the key infrastructure in Water Aid’s targeted beneficiaries.

We undertook the study to assess the current and lasting benefits of WASH services and appraise the extent to which the management committees are presently functional in the targeted schools through surveys and spot evaluations. The study successfully assessed the successes, gaps and bottlenecks with regard to WASH infrastructure in schools across Jharkhand, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka, and made recommendations for future projects.

After successful completion of the study, Water Aid requested Outline India to undertake a similar study, this time a pilot in Jharkhand across 312 schools.


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