Need Assessment Study in Maharashtra: Early Grade Reading

Sesame Street Workshop Initiative



Outline India conducted a formative study to understand the socio-psychological barriers to native language learning among children between 5 - 7 years in Maharashtra. This study was funded by USaid, AUSaid and World Vision 

Through the exploration of attitudes, practices, values and aspirations of the different stakeholders included in the study, it proffered insight into the conditions that act as facilitators or impediments to the inculcation of language skills. Aspects of children’s schooling such as infrastructure, prevalent modes of teaching, quality of teaching and usage of technology in the primary schools and at the Anganwadi centers along with the child’s environment at home were analyzed through a mixed method approach comprising of a survey, interviews and group discussions. A survey spanning wide-ranging themes such as reading skills of children, infrastructure and existing facilities in schools was conducted with school authorities which was followed by interviews, group discussions and observations with caregivers and children.


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