By Apoorva Kohli
16 Nov, 2017


Demonetization has become this eras' one of the most vital affairs and will remain as one of the significant monetary occasions of our time. Its effect is being felt by every Indian as this step influences the economy’s liquidity side. Its impact will be in light of the fact that about 86% of cash available for use was suddenly termed useless with only a few hours’ notice. S...

By Tanvir Malik
16 Nov, 2017

What is Pre-Test? And why should I do it?

The foundation of good research is good data and the foundation of good data is asking the right questions in the right way.  

Most questionnaires are developed in by researchers far removed from the field. No matter how much experience a researcher has, their frame of reference is limited - there’s only so much you can read or imagine about a local conte...


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