Social Impact Assessment on Cotton Farming

American Institutes for Research    


Madhya Pradesh



Outline India has been recently commissioned to undertake a study aiming to compare outcomes across organic cotton farmers, better cotton farmers, and conventional cotton farmers being implemented by the C&A Foundation in Madhya Pradesh.

Given the lack of credible data on and studies that assess the social and economic impact of cotton farming, our study in collaboration with the American Institute of Research aims to provide insights into the potential effects of voluntary certification cotton production on farmer’s well-being. The study will be conducted in the state of Madhya Pradesh, as it produces about 27% of the global organic cotton and about 40 % of India’s organic cotton. We anticipate that a rigorous research study in this context is would be helpful not just in informing the C&A Foundation’s work in the area, but provide credible evidence to influence policy decisions both at the state and the national level. To achieve this goal, different aspects of education, health, and socio-economic outcomes will be measured of three types of cotton farmers, which are 1) organic cotton farmers, 2) better cotton farmers and 3) conventional cotton farmers.  


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