Aadhaar : It's not black or white

   14 Aug, 2017

While most respondents have Aadhaar cards, their motivations to obtain it and their concerns around it vary greatly based on their demographic profile.   Read More

Understanding the Journey of Data from the Eyes of a Practitioner

   26 Jan, 2017

Monitoring the effects of investment in an economy has historically been the cornerstone of good governance wherein the approaches correspond to the concurrents of a political economy. This paper i...   Read More

Gross Happiness Index (GHI)

   15 Apr, 2016

This papers seeks to establish a baseline for subjective well-being assessing the level of happiness, optimism and satisfaction among residents within two structurally varying urban contexts. Corre...   Read More

A study of the deceased organ donation environment in Delhi/NCR

   10 Aug, 2015

Organ donation has been slow to take off in India. In the northern states the pace has been disturbingly sluggish. More alarming is the glaring absence of any attempts to understand the reasons...   Read More


Experiences and perspectives of research and the development sector.

Demonetization : Good or Bad

23rd December, 2016: Demonetization has become this eras' one of the most vital affairs and will remain as one of the significant monetary occasion...

What is a Pre-test? And why should I do it?

1st Feb, 2017: The foundation of good research is good data and the foundation of good data is asking the right questions in the right way.  

A Third Person Perspective

13th December, 2016 : If you had told me that the Sarpanch of a village was visiting our office, I’d immedi...

Riding in a Man's World

13th September, 2016: As a child, whenever I tried lifting a heavy suit case or when I wanted to climb a tree or even when I volunteered to open th...

Souvenirs of Research

30th July, 2016: When I decided to join the development sector a couple of y...


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