Our Impact

As a social enterprise, we are committed to making an impact. Here's how:


The development sector prides itself on evidence-driven decision making, but there’s little knowledge of what makes robust evidence. We are champions of good data, working to educate and build demand for robust evidence in this sector.
Here’s what we are doing:

  • Deriving and promoting a rubric for data quality.
  • Documenting our experiences and the lessons we have learnt from them through cautionary tales
  • Publishing and disseminating writings on data quality. See our publications
  • Build an environment to share learnings and critically reflect upon challenges in data collection, M&E, and social sector research by holding a data conference


Our clients work hard to make an impact and improve the lives of those they intend to help. We work to empower our clients through strong, reliable data and astute analysis that doesn’t just capture their impact but also sheds lights on the contexts they work in.
Here’s what we are doing:


The foundation of research is the demanding work done by our field workers who spend countless hours in remote, sometimes hostile areas. We believe in giving back by building the skills of our field workers and giving them opportunities.
Here’s what we are doing:

  • Building strong and diverse teams of field workers with contextual, regional as well as research familiarity by teaching them the basics of research and giving marginalized groups like women opportunities for research. Read more about our wonderful field team at field.
  • Systemizing the inclusion of enumerator perceptions in research findings.
  • Updating field protocols to have them informed from both the field and existing practices.


Responsible and ethical research means that we have an obligation to consider how the data collection process impacts respondents. We work to empower respondents by making data collection meaningful for them.
Here’s what we are doing:

  • Asking the right questions by creating tools that are informed by respondent’s contexts through comprehensive pre-tests.
  • Advocating for the dissemination of research to respondents.
  • Avoiding the replication of data collection efforts and advocate for responsible data collection by informing clients building the India map.
  • Championing ethical data collection by setting up an IRB.
  • Empowering cash-strapped organizations to gain insights from respondents through the self-evaluation app.


Our researchers work tirelessly, with passion to get strong data and are always pushing the envelope when it comes to innovative research. We are proud of our team and want to give them a chance to showcase their talents and further fine-tune their skills.
Here’s what we are doing:

  • Building an environment of research, critical thinking, knowledge sharing and skills exchange by holding internal and external quality workshops.
  • Advocating for the dissemination of research to respondents.
  • Maintaining a culture of reflexivity, transparency and introspection by holding regular impact meetings.

Our Work


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