What Is TYM?

how it works


NextGen Framework


  • Monitor progress

  • Credibility

  • Accountability

  • Build research capacity
NextGen Framework

Funders | Donors | CSRs

  • Ease of inducting NGOs

  • Data-driven funding decisions

  • Reduce duplication & promote data sharing

  • Encourage reports backed by data

  • Reduce time & save costsdata
NextGen Framework

Think Tanks | Academics

  • Ease in creating surveys and data collection

  • Reduce duplication and promote open data

  • Tech-based solutions for efficiency

  • Access to sector-specific tools

  • Network for exchange of knowledge


  • Sub-User ID
    Log in with a simple sub-user ID
    View Surveys
    Login to sync your surveys on the android application
    Save Surveys
    Save your surveys mid-way during interviews
    Collect Data Offline
    Collect data offline anytime, anywhere — no internet required.
    Survey Responses
    Collect multiple survey responses for a particular survey
    Finalise Surveys
    Surveys get synced with when there is internet connectivity

Master Question BankSelect relevant questions from the Master Question Bank across sectors of Health, Education, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Question TypesSelect question types including numeric, text, single choice and multiple choice.

Survey FormulationFormulate surveys by editing existing questions from the question bank, adding your own questions, adding relevance and numeric constraints

AnalyticsView your survey responses in the form of multiple charts on our analytics dashboard.

Report GenerationGenerate a quick report on the platform by adding images, charts and text.

ShareShare survey responses and reports with CSRs, Donors and Funders.

Our Achievements

Manzil NGO

Winner of the INVENT Programme hosted by Startup Oasis at Jaipur, Rajasthan with the support of Villgro, UK Aid and Govt. of India

Manzil NGO
Manzil NGO

Vodafone India Foundation in association with NASSCOM Social Innovation Foundation recognizes 'Track Your Metrics' as a tech tool to create social impact

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We see that our work has made a considerable impact but we have not been able to assess it. TYM will make it easier to collate and present the data collected. Funders want numbers.

Shradha Vedbrat Trustee, Samarpan Foundation

A master question bank would ease the process and save time. We look forward to using TYM for our future projects.

Jyoti Sharma President, FORCE NGO

A self-explanatory tool that can be used even by a person who is not tech savvy.

Anurag Hoon Team Lead, Manzil NGO