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Shreya Sehgal

Sr. Partnerships and Communications Associate


Plants, Animal Welfare and everything Handloom


Patriarchy and micro-aggression 

Shreya Sehgal is a Journalist, Communications Specialist, and Entrepreneur with over five years of industry experience. She has worked with civil-society organizations, healthcare tech, and venture capital clients in managing their PR, Communications, and Partnerships strategies.

She has gained extensive experience working for initiatives bridging the digital divide, health, micro-level entrepreneurship, and skill development. 

A postgraduate from the Asian College of Journalism, Shreya has worked with leading broadcast media and digital news platforms. She has written extensively on gender, politics, and environment and has also led projects focused on inclusive and decentralized use of ICT and other digital tools in critical aspects of education, cluster development, designing, and marketing.

Shreya takes pride in obsessing over plants, animal welfare, and everything handloom. She also enjoys reading and drinking 20 cups of coffee a day.


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