Sukanya Dutta | Outline India

Sukanya Dutta

Senior Manager


Looking at food pictures.

Popping bubble wraps.


People wearing strong perfumes or with body odour in the metro.

Super organized desktops.

Sukanya works as a Senior Manager at Outline India and has expertise in large-scale project management. She has substantial experience in managing projects on and off the field and has undertaken fieldwork in over ten states in  India and trained up to 350 field staff across these locations. 

She has worked on projects across different sectors,  mainly focusing on those in skills, livelihoodsgender, healthcare, education, agriculture, and child wellbeing. At Outline India her work has included managing large-scale multi-state and multi-stakeholder projects, reviewing tools, training consultants and field teams, conducting in-depth surveys, real-time monitoring of data, and drafting of field and project reports.


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