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Evaluating Infrastructure and Service Provision in Schools

Centre for Civil Society




Education, Governance, Infrastructure

Outline India partnered with the Centre for Civil Society to conduct an in-depth analysis of the status of private budget schools in Hastsal Village, West Delhi. The main objective of this intervention was to measure the effect of introducing information on core areas such as student learning outcomes, teacher quality, extra-curricular activities etc. on parental choice and school competition.

The study entailed the development and execution of a learning assessment for students in grade four on the subjects of literacy, numeracy and moral values. These tests were then analysed to develop an index of students' achievement levels across schools in the area. Outline India also conducted a survey to gauge the quality of schools in Hastsal, in terms of their provision of infrastructure, the management, teacher quality, and the internal processes they followed through structured in-depth interviews with school leaders and management. This study is intended to provide advocacy support for small budget private schools, under the Right to Education Act. 


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