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Multi Dimensional Index measuring Poverty and Life Satisfaction

Tsuda University

Multi Dimensional Index measuring Poverty and Life Satisfaction



Health, Education, Livelihoods

This study aimed to build an index in order to understand the overall life satisfaction of people from low and middle-income groups.

The study focused on assessing an individual’s life satisfaction based on their economic, social and health conditions. The assessment involved three aspects: the first tries to probe how satisfied and contended an individual is with his or her present life and if they wish any change in it. The second aspect attempted at finding out an individual’s work status, education and skills possessed, work-life balance, living condition and facilities available, social relationships etc. The section on health covered both physical and mental health. There was an attempt to understand physical problems and solutions adopted to tackle it. The study also made an effort to know about mental health issues like anxiety, fear, and depression. 

This third aspect also served as a highlight, since mental health issues are not talked about often. The study was an attempt to know if people are aware of the problems they might be facing and whether they are seeking medical help if they have such issues. It also inquired about the willingness of individuals to forgo financial and personal changes for being in perfect health. 

Using a Systematic Random Sampling involving interviews with 50% male and 50% female respondents, of which 50% were low income and the other 50% middle income individuals, Outline India undertook surveys across 5 electoral constituencies in Delhi to interview 500 household heads.


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