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Baseline and Midline Evaluation for Corstone India’s Youth First Programme

CorStone India Foundation






Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Outline India as the India partner for CorStone India Foundation undertook data collection for the baseline and midline assessments of the Corstone’s Youth First Programme across two districts of Bihar (Patna and Darbhanga). The Youth First Programme is a longitudinal study to understand whether and how the programme may aid in increasing students (grades 7 & 8)’ resilience. The programme also aims to impact short term outcomes such as resilience, self-efficacy, communication skills, while aiding to long –term improvements in social and emotional development of children (e.g., gender equity, education completion, preventing child marriage or early marriage) and reproductive and sexual health (e.g., use of family planning and delayed first pregnancy). The chief aims of this study were to determine the longer-term health and educational effects in students (grades 7 & 8) retention in schools, avoiding adolescent or early marriage, and having more open attitudes and behaviours regarding gender equality. For this purpose, Outline India conducted 9000 parental surveys and 8000 student assessments across 100 schools in Patna and Darbhanga districts of Bihar across 2 phases. For the second phase, teacher surveys were also conducted and surveys conducted at the household level for students.


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