Study on Travel, Environmental Impact and Well-being | Outline India

Study on Travel, Environmental Impact and Well-being

Prof. Andrew Mondschein, University of Virginia


Cannaught Place, New Delhi


Mobility, Environment, Well-being, Economy

Outline India partnered with Prof. Andrew Mondschein from the University of Virginia to do a survey in Delhi on Travel, Environmental impact and well-being. The purpose of the study is to understand how mobility, the environment, and well-being are distributed socio-spatially across the city. The survey was collected digitally.

Outline India was responsible for reviewing the survey along with the client. Objectives of the study were to understand the interactions between mobility, the constructed and natural environment, well-being at the individual level; to understand these interactions in terms of perceptions, habits, socio-economic aspects and agency and to understand the divergent impacts of ‘mobility’ and ‘place’ on diverse population.


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