A qualitative study to understand the efficacy of safe sanitation and hand-washing habits across schools in Delhi-NCR

Happy Creative Services Pvt. Ltd





Outline India conducted a qualitative study to understand the efficacy of the kit in spreading messages about safe sanitation and hand-washing habits and suggest improvements that could be made to the kit by administering the kit in four schools in Delhi-NCR in collaboration with Happy Creative Services Pvt. Ltd. The teachers and students together, while, highly appreciative of the kit with respect to the design and graphic, came up with various suggestions that could make the kit more interesting and simple to execute.

The broad objective of the content testing of the Team Swachh Action Kit-TSAK was to understand the overall applicability and appeal of the kit as well as invite constructive suggestions to make the kit self-explanatory and user-friendly to execute. This research exercise aimed at providing a detailed analysis of each of the components of the kit, specifying what worked and what did not work and offer important and relevant suggestions to improve each component.


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