Scoping Study To Build A Business Case For LINK Fund To Enhance SHGs Entrepreneurship In Odisha

The LINK Fund




Livelihood, Gender

LINK-US negotiated an MOU with the Government of Odisha. The MOU aimed at forming forward linkages of SHGs to public procurement systems or large businesses and/or access to enterprise networks. At the request of the State government, The LINK Fund commissioned Outline India to undertake a scoping study to amplify the business case for the MOU and its grant component. Outline India provided expertise to complement ongoing efforts of the Government of Odisha and LINK-Fund team to formalize the MOU and decide the modalities of cooperation, including the provision of catalytic grant resources from the State Government and its relevant agencies.

The study sought to understand gaps in the existing value chains for SHG produced products. LINK Fund, leveraging their existing networks and agency, aims to augment the linkages of SHGs to the global markets. They plan to do this by providing training, basic infrastructure, funds and direct linkages. Outline India observed that there was abundance in products prepared by SHGs, both farm and non-farm; however, SHG’s access to the market was low. 


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