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Content Testing of Financial Literacy in Young Children

Sesame Street Workshop




Education and Financial Literacy

Outline India conducted a formative study in Delhi/NCR to gauge the reaction of children under the age of seven using three prototype games, for the Sesame Street Workshop Initiative. The study tested the usability, comprehensibility and appeal of early builds of three online games: the Sharing game, Cookie Monster’s Kitchen (a game about planning), and Lola’s Farm (a game about needs vs. wants).

The Sesame Street Workshop Initiative intends to educate young children on the concept of financial literacy, with a heavy focus on aspects such as sharing and saving. As the Indian partner for this study (which is also being conducted in Brazil, China and the USA) 

Outline India designed and conducted workshops for children, to test the content developed for the inculcation of financial literacy which explored the use of digital media, including hardware options (phones, tablets and personal computers) in improving engagement and interest amongst children at a young age.


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