What does your normal look like? A survey study | Outline India

What does your normal look like? A survey study

Research on Covid-19 and its implications has gained significance in recent times as the novel virus continues to erode the fundamental aspects of every individual’s life. With a wide-scale eruption of misinformation about the parameters and consequences of Sars-Cov-2, it has naturally become a habit for citizens to engage in telephonic and online conversations about the same.

The youth, more than ever, feels the need to optimize the static space created by a lack of certainty and transparent solutions to help achieve their future goals. With the objective of gaining actionable insights to establish well-rounded opinions and decisions about the issues that arise out of life in a pandemic, we set out to investigate the standpoint of our loved ones, correspondents, and elderly on topics of Skill & Efficiency, Healthcare & Vaccination, and the Future.


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