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Social Marketing Experiment to Conduct a Market As...

Client: The World Bank

Geography Bihar

Sectors Nutrition

Outline India supported the World Bank to conduct a social-marketing study in order to understand the demand-side constraints and opportunities for a specific nutrition-focused product, named Wheatamix, and services rela... Read More

Scoping Study To Build A Business Case For LINK Fu...

Client: The LINK Fund

Geography Odisha

Sectors Livelihood, Gender

LINK-US negotiated an MOU with the Government of Odisha. The MOU aimed at forming forward linkages of SHGs to public procurement systems or large businesses and/or access to enterprise networks. At the request of the S... Read More

A qualitative study to understand the efficacy of...

Client: Happy Creative Services Pvt. Ltd

Geography Delhi-NCR

Sectors WASH

Outline India conducted a qualitative study to understand the efficacy of the kit in spreading messages about safe sanitation and hand-washing habits and suggest improvements that could be made to the kit by administerin... Read More

To Study the Impact of RTE EWS Quota in Private Sc...

Client: University of Maryland

Geography Delhi

Sectors Education

Outline India collaborated with a researcher from the University of Maryland to study the impact of RTE EWS quota in private schools on maternal aspirations and perceived returns to education. A quantitative survey was c... Read More

Developing an insight into the Government initiati...

Client: Center for International Environment and Resource Policy (CIERP) & Tufts University and Shakti Foundation

Geography Across India

Sectors Environment

This study focused on developing an insight into the government initiative of popularizing the usage of solar energy by setting up Akshay Urja shops in different parts of the country. It enquired why certain solar ene... Read More

Epidemiological Study on Non-communicable Diseases...

Client: University of Oxford

Geography Bihar

Sectors Health

Outline India was deputed by the University of Oxford to conduct an epidemiological assessment of non-communicable diseases and selected associated risk factors in a representative sample of individuals via household sur... Read More

Documentation of the Application of Design Researc...

Client: John Snow, Inc.

Geography Samastipur, Bihar

Sectors Sexual and Reproductive Health

Outline India along with JSI was involved in observing design research activities being carried out at Samastipur in Bihar. The intent was to document the process of design research being carried out as part of the CORE... Read More

Study on Travel, Environmental Impact and Well-bei...

Client: Prof. Andrew Mondschein, University of Virginia

Geography Cannaught Place, New Delhi

Sectors Mobility, Environment, Well-being, Economy

Outline India partnered with Prof. Andrew Mondschein from the University of Virginia to do a survey in Delhi on Travel, Environmental impact and well-being. The purpose of the study is to understand how mobility, the env... Read More

Study on Save the Children’s Parenting Programmes...

Client: Save the Children

Geography Rajasthan, India and Kavre, Nepal

Sectors Child well-being

Outline India was engaged in the pre-test findings of Save the Children’s Parenting Programmes in India and Nepal. Save the Children’s work in Dungarpur, India focuses on caregivers who have children from ages 12-14 year... Read More

Impact Evaluation of a Public Health Insurance Pla...

Client: University of Chicago

Geography Karnataka

Sectors Health

The India Health Insurance Experiment is a 6 year-long randomized control trial on roughly 11,089 enlisted households (HH) in Gulbarga and Mysore districts to evaluate the health and financial benefits of expanding the R... Read More

Improving quality of Primary Education through Tea...

Client: STiR Education

Geography Karnataka

Sectors Education

As the data collection partner for STiR Education and the University of New York, Outline India undertook data collection for STiR Education’s project focusing on the improvement of quality primary education in governmen... Read More

Study on Risk Behaviour Assessment with Elected Gr...

Client: University of Auckland, Monash University and IIM Ahmedabad

Geography West Bengal

Sectors Governance

Outline India is about to commence study on risk behaviour assessment and economic decision making with elected Gram Panchayat representatives in West Bengal. This study is being conducted with Professors from University... Read More

Impact Assessment of Training and Equipment Donati...

Client: Lifebox Foundation

Geography Assam, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh

Sectors Health

Lifebox Foundation, an international NGO, aims to improve the safety of surgery and anaesthesia in low resource settings by providing training to doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists and other OT staff on the WHO surgical... Read More

Baseline and Midline Evaluation for Corstone India...

Client: CorStone India Foundation

Geography Bihar

Sectors Education, Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Outline India as the India partner for CorStone India Foundation undertook data collection for the baseline and midline assessments of the Corstone’s Youth First Programme across two districts of Bihar (Patna and Darbhan... Read More

Marriage and the Human Capital of Men

Client: University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto and University of Chicago

Geography Delhi/NCR, Haryana

Sectors Gender

Outline India partnered with academicians from the University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto and the University of Chicago to undertake a study on dowry trends among migrant, married men and its relationship to e... Read More

Impact Assessment Report for a Leading NGO

Client: For a Leading NGO

Geography PAN India

Sectors Health, Disaster Management, Gender-Based Violence

Outline India prepared an Impact Assessment Report for one of the leading NGOs of the country. The organization works extensively in sectors of Health, Livelihood, Education, Disaster Management and Gender-Based Violence... Read More

Rapid Assessment of Inclusive WASH facilities in s...

Client: Water Aid, India

Geography Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand

Sectors Water, Children with special needs, Sanitation

Outline India undertook a project to gauge problems faced by adolescent girls and CWSN (Children with special needs) in the context of WASH facilities in schools across the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand.  ... Read More

Multi Dimensional Index measuring Poverty and Life...

Client: Tsuda University

Geography Delhi

Sectors Health, Education, Livelihoods

This is an ongoing study, which aims to build an index in order to understand the overall life satisfaction of people from low and middle-income groups.The study focuses on assessing an individual’s life satisfaction bas... Read More

Role of Media in shaping Public Opinion related to...

Client: Tsuda University

Geography Gujarat

Sectors Governance

The aim of the study is to understand the overall awareness of people in Gujarat about political and economic issues, which in turn affects their voting decision.The first section of the study is about personal informati... Read More

Rapid assessment to examine the progress of phasin...

Client: Better Cotton Initiative

Geography Gujarat

Sectors Agriculture, Cotton Farming

Outline India was commissioned to undertake a rapid assessment case study by Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) with Action for Food Production (AFPRO) as it’s Implementing Partner (IP), with the goal to assess the progress... Read More

Evaluation of an Adolescent Sexual and Reproductiv...

Client: Mathematica Policy Research

Geography Bihar

Sectors Health

Outline India worked with Mathematica Policy Research, which is the MEL partner for Packard Foundation’s and Pathfinder International’s Population and Reproductive Health (PRH) program based in Bihar.      The Sashakt pr... Read More

Social Impact Assessment Study on Cotton Farming

Client: American Institutes for Research

Geography Madhya Pradesh

Sectors Agriculture

Outline India partnered with American Institutes for Research and Laudes Foundation (erstwhile C&A Foundation) to conduct a follow-up study on the socio-economic and environmental outcomes of organic cotton farm initiati... Read More

Baseline Survey to Capture Current Roofing Conditi...

Client: The University of Chicago, Delhi Centre

Geography Delhi

Sectors Environment, Energy

Outline India undertook a baseline evaluation to which seeks to capture current the roofing conditions and the benefits of cool roofing technology for a peri-urban settlement area in New Delhi.Indian peri-urban settlemen... Read More

Baseline and End line Evaluation of Business Manag...

Client: The University of Tokyo

Geography Delhi/NCR

Sectors Business Leadership

Outline India conducted an RCT with IT entrepreneurs on behalf of the University of Tokyo to gauge the impact of providing reminders about goal setting, on the performance and output of their startups.Using principles of... Read More

Collaboration Between Software Developers and User...

Client: Towson University

Geography Delhi/NCR

Sectors Business, Leadership

Outline India conducted a study to understand the interrelationship between software developers and their consumers. This intervention was undertaken to assist a senior professor’s research in the field. The information... Read More

Baseline Assessment for ‘Switching to Sustainable...

Client: Fondazione ACRA

Geography Tamil Nadu, Karnataka

Sectors Environment, Sustainable livelihoods, Migration

Outline India conducted a baseline analysis to understand the economic viability and environmental sustainability for auto-rickshaw driving as a profession.  The objective of the study was to scale up the inter... Read More

Evaluation to Gauge Accessibility of Education for...

Client: Fluent Research 

Geography Bihar and Rajasthan

Sectors Gender, Education

Outline India conducted a baseline, midline and endline study to understand levels of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours pertaining to the education of girl child in rural India.     As the India partner... Read More

Evaluating Interventions That Will Secure And Prot...

Client: IMPAQ International, LLC

Geography Jharkhand

Sectors Child rights, Labour

Outline India was the India partner of an international study across Malawi, Ecuador, Panama and Rwanda and India to evaluate the effects of interventions aimed at combating child labour through a randomized control tria... Read More

Strategic Review of Organisations Working in WASH

Client: Dasra

Geography Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh

Sectors Water, Sanitation, Governance

Outline India was commissioned by Dasra to conduct deep-dive research into the work of two partners of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) space. Study aimed at buildin... Read More

Understanding Hand Hygiene Behaviour in Four India...

Client: WaterAid (India)

Geography Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chattisgarh

Sectors Water, Sanitation, Governance

Outline India undertook a formative evaluation with WaterAid India to gauge the awareness and practices of hand hygiene and its importance across 64 villages.     The study, based in Rajasthan, Bihar, Odis... Read More

Endline Evaluation for Water Aid’s program with H&...

Client: WaterAid (India)

Geography Jharkhand, Odisa, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka

Sectors Water, Sanitation, Governance

At the close of Water Aid’s three-year project to improve water and sanitation infrastructure and facilities in schools, Outline India conducted an end-line study to assess WASH infrastructure in the targeted schools.The... Read More

Evaluating Infrastructure and Service Provision in...

Client: Centre for Civil Society

Geography Delhi

Sectors Education, Governance, Infrastructure

Outline India partnered with the Centre for Civil Society to conduct an in-depth analysis of the status of private budget schools in Hastsal Village, West Delhi. The main objective of this intervention was to measure the... Read More

Post-Implementation Monitoring Survey

Client: WaterAid (India)

Geography Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh

Sectors Water, Sanitation, Governance

The Post Implementation Monitoring Survey (PIMS) was developed and executed by Outline India to assess the long-term sustainability of WASH infrastructure in communities of Water Aid’s intervention.The study sought to in... Read More

Evaluation Study To Assess The Performance Of Five...

Client: WaterAid (India)

Geography Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Manipur

Sectors Water, Sanitation, Governance

Outline India undertook an assessment of the five states in India, which performed above average in the water and sanitation domain, to explore the motivating factors that were instrumental in the success of the sanitati... Read More

Young India’s Perceptions on Political Engagement,...

Client: British Council (India)

Geography Delhi, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka

Sectors Education, Employment, Youth, Politics

Outline India undertook a study of the core values and concerns of the urban Indian youth specifically pertaining to political processes, leadership, education and employment policies. Additionally, the study gauged the... Read More

Assessment of Value Chains in Agricultural Produce

Client: Indian Statistical Institute

Geography Delhi

Sectors Agriculture

To understand the impact of energy costs on food prices and the income of producers, Outline India conducted structured field surveys of 150 dairy and potato retailers in 25 wards across Delhi. The study entailed the ana... Read More

Content Testing of Financial Literacy in Young Chi...

Client: Sesame Street Workshop

Geography Delhi/NCR

Sectors Education and Financial Literacy

Outline India conducted a formative study in Delhi/NCR to gauge the reaction of children under the age of seven using three prototype games, for the Sesame Street Workshop Initiative. The study tested the usability, comp... Read More

Baseline Evaluation of Skills Development Programm...

Client: Going to School

Geography Bihar and Jharkhand

Sectors Education

Outline undertook the baseline data collection for Going to School’s (GTS) student entrepreneurship program in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand. The study was conducted with middle and secondary school students using se... Read More

Need Assessment Study in Maharashtra: Early Grade...

Client: Sesame Street Workshop Initiative

Geography Maharashtra

Sectors Education

Outline India conducted a formative study to understand the socio-psychological barriers to native language learning among children between 5-7 years of age in Maharashtra.Through the exploration of attitudes, practices,... Read More

Assessment of the Organ Donor Network across Publi...

Client: Organ India

Geography Delhi/ NCR

Sectors Health, Governance

Outline India evaluated the organ donor industry to identify the best practices in countries governed by a system of centralized organ registry, and draw lessons for the organ donor market in the Delhi/NCR region. This w... Read More

Comparing Differences In Child Health Outcomes By...

Client: Brandeis University

Geography Kerala

Sectors Health, Governance and Child Nutrition

Outline India investigated the relationship between child undernourishment and religious affiliation in Kerala, India to support a senior professor’s work in the field.The aim of this project was to investigate the puzzl... Read More

Establishment of Public-private Partnership Cell f...

Client: Health Ministries of Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka,Funded by the World Bank in association with Sanigest International

Geography Uttar PradeshKarnataka

Sectors GovernanceHealth

Outline India supported a World Bank initiative to establish and administer Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) between the Health Departments of Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka, as well as private health service providers.To... Read More


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